Half-Shell System

Half-Shell Sleeves for Offshore Riser Pipes, Pipeline Crossings, Flow Lines, and More

Mark Tool Half-Shell Sleeves are pre-molded SplashTRON® or ThermoTRON®, and are made to fit specific pipe diameters and in a range of thickness from ¾" to 4".

They are installed in the field over FBE coated pipe where extended continuous coverage is required. 

Half-Shell sleeves are adhered to the pipe with specially formulated epoxy. Our Half-Shells sleeves are suitable for piping systems when it is not practical for piping to be sent to our plant for SplashTRON® or ThermoTRON® vulcanization.

Mark Tool has manufactured these Half-Shells sleeves for many years. We have extensive experience in producing Half-Shells sleeves in lengths up to 4m long.

Unlike our vulcanized plant, applied SplashTRON® and ThermoTRON® insulation, line pipe must be shipped to our plant for application. Instead, we can send this half-shell directly to the job site to be installed in the field by one of our recommended installers.

The applications would include but not be limited to:

  • Offshore riser pipe in the splash-zone
  • Pipeline railroad crossings
  • Pipeline river crossings
  • Pipeline touchdown areas
  • Insulation System for Flow-lines
  • Insulation System for Production Risers
  • Insulation System for Hull piping
  • Insulation System for Tie-backs
  • Insulation System for Spool

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