Complete Pipeline Protection in J-Tube Applications from Seafloor to Flange

J-tube pulls have been made with SplashTRON®-coated pipelines for 30 years at depths to more than 1,000 feet, and protection is assured for the life of the installation.

SplashTRON® is a good electrical insulator, which prevents loss of cathodic protection, and it will not contribute to galvanic corrosion.

SplashTRON® is bonded strongly and uniformly to the pipe, giving complete protection during the pull and after. Since it is an elastomer, it won't crack or disbond as the pipe bends around the “J”.

For insurance against practically any eventuality, many operators use a combination of SplashTRON® products:

  • Complete coating of the pipeline in the tube with SplashTRON® giving permanent corrosion protection and electrical insulation.
  • A bottom J-tube plug, which seals off the annulus, centralizes the pipe in the tube and confines corrosion inhibitor to the inside of the J-tube.

Most of the leading producing and transmission companies use SplashTRON®, including four lines in J-tubes in more than 1,000 feet of water to the world's deepest conventional platforms.

Features and Benefits of SplashTRON®

  • Strong bong of SplashTRON® to metal, shields from saltwater and oxygen attack, cannot easily be dislodged
  • Resilient coating, will not crack or disbond as pipe flexes or bends, pipe can be “cold bent” after SplashTRON® is applied with no adverse effects
  • Long lasting; requires no routine maintenance for the life of of the platform, riser, or pipeline
  • Yellow color, readily visible for safety, contains no carbon black to impair electrical insulation
  • Resists buildup of scale, fungus, and sea life; easily cleaned to keep desired OD
  • Good electrical insulator, isolates cathodic protection systems, prevents galvanic corrosion

We also manufacture custom cast urethane and rubber molded products for several oilfield and marine applications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can handle every job, no matter how big or small.

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