Tensioner Pads

Long-Lasting and Durable Tensioner Pads

Mark Tool Co., Inc. has provided tensioner pads to the major lay barge operation for years. We can manufacture almost any size and type of tensioner pad to meet or exceed customer specification. Long-lasting and durable, Mark Tool Co., Inc. keeps tension pads in stock for immediate shipment, based on customer demands for volume and usage.

Below are the pads we make with their corresponding part number to identify them:

Our range of high quality rubber parts and components includes rollers, tension pads, and a wide variety of custom molded rubber products. We have the capabilities and resources to take our customers’ designs and create precise molds that are then utilized to create high quality parts through compression molding, injection molding, or extruding. Regardless of what type of rubber components you require, chances are that Mark Tool & Rubber Company can meet your unique needs.