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3 Ways to Use SplashTRON® for Pipeline Coating

SplashTRON® is an extremely versatile product that can be used for various applications on offshore platforms as well as pipeline coatings.

It can be used for J-tubes, spools, bends, pipe field joint coating, biofouling, or as a splash zone coating for risers. Below are three ways SplashTRON® can be used for pipeline coating specifically.

1. As a urethane pipeline coating in J-tubes

Bonded uniformly and strongly to the J pipe, SplashTRON® polyurethane pipeline coating provides protection both during and after the pull. It won’t disbond or crack as the pipe flexes around the “J”, because it is an elastomer.

If used to coat the pipeline in the tube entirely, it helps protect against corrosion and provides electrical insulation permanently. It can also be used as a plug for the J-tube, sealing off the annulus, centralizing the pipe, and confining corrosion inhibitor to the tube’s inside.

2. To coat pipeline risers 

SplashTRON® can be used to coat pipeline risers as seen below. This is an image of a 24-inch pipeline riser coated with half an inch of SplashTRON® that we shipped overseas to Nigeria for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd.

splashtron risers

3. Protecting structural members exposed to the splash zone during fabrication

SplashTRON® is extremely efficient for coating offshore platforms. Its strength and durability allows it to protect these platforms from the splash zone during fabrication. SplashTRON® completely protects against harsh ultraviolet rays, the ozone, abrasive seawater, sea life that builds on offshore platforms, and impact from floating debris and boats.

Mark Tool has been coating offshore platforms with SplashTRON® pipeline coatings for over two decades. Request a SplashTRON® quote today or contact us to learn more about how you can protect your platform.

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