December 21

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Top 5 Reasons Why Urethane is the Best Material for Conveyor Rollers

When it comes to selecting the right material to manufacture your conveyor rollers, it's important to understand the benefits offered by urethane. 

Compared to other materials like rubber and steel, urethane rollers are pretty inexpensive and extremely durable. 

Along with these advantages, check out the top 5 reasons why urethane is the best material for conveyor rollers.

1. Long service life

Urethane rollers typically last much longer than rubber or steel rollers. 

This is due to the fact that urethane doesn't wear as quickly and is less prone to corrosion. 

Replacement parts are readily available if needed, but urethane doesn't need maintenance often. This results in lower manufacturing costs and increased operational efficiency.

2. Tolerance to extreme temperatures

Urethane is built to withstand the harsh temperatures found in some manufacturing environments (without giving up performance or quality), making it the perfect choice for industries that require conveyors to run at high temperatures, like foundries and glass production facilities.

3. Various colors, formulations, and durometers available

Urethane comes in a variety of formulations and colors, making it easy to customize your product.

In addition, urethane's versatility allows it to be manufactured at different durometers, giving you endless choices depending on your specific needs.

Regardless of your requirements, urethane rollers can be manufactured to offer you the best wear, whether it's for wet or dry formulations, clean room processing, or other applications.

4. Profound grip, strength, and rebound properties

One of the main purposes of urethane conveyor rollers is to offer grip and traction. This, along with their strength and rebound, makes urethane rollers superior to other materials, such as plastic or rubber.  

Polyurethane's strength allows it to handle more pounds per square inch than rubber without breaking. This is key for conveyor rollers that run heavy systems at high speeds.

5. Impressive noise reduction and shock absorption

Urethane rollers are also known for their superior noise reduction and shock absorption, creating a much quieter environment than clunky metal rollers.  

This makes urethane the best material for conveyor rollers that require near-silent operation in order to maintain quality or comfort levels within a facility.

When choosing the right material to manufacture your roller wheels, it’s important to take the above factors into consideration.

At Mark Tool & Rubber, we work very hard to manufacture top quality, durable urethane conveyor rollers that are cost-effective with a quick turnaround time. Request a quote from us today to get started creating your custom urethane parts.

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