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How to Know When to Use Urethane

A common misconception in the oil and gas industry is that rubber parts are cheaper than polyurethane parts. Urethane can actually be cheaper, particularly in situations where you need larger parts/quantities or several identical parts. The expensive part of casting…

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Polyurethane Drives Directional Drilling 

Whether it’s water, oil or natural gas, drilling straight down into the earth has traditionally been the best way to go about extracting resources. However, the direction of a wellbore can be changed in a number of ways, and so-called “directional drilling” is today a common alternative to vertical wells. Drillers often…

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Polyurethane Pipe Spacers

Polyurethane is the ultimate workhorse. Whether used as a spray, foam, a flexible, spongey elastomer or a solid that is as hard and tough (almost) as any diamond, polyurethane’s versatility means it can be molded into components of any size,…

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