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More Common Uses of Urethane Products

Urethane products come in many different shapes and sizes. If you work in the industry, you likely already know the many different uses of them, but there are many people who do not work in the industry that have no idea how often they might use these products. Urethane products have uses that vary from assembly line product building, tubing, custom molded parts are products, and more. Rollers are a very common use of urethane products. Hourglass rollers, V rollers, conveyor belt rollers, pipe conveyor rollers, sheave rollers, paper mill rollers, etc. They can vary in size, color hardness, and more.

A lot of the urethane products that we make are built to last, but when they do get worn, they are easy to replace. For example, if you use urethane forklift pads, you can find that your forklift blades will be protected by a 3/4″ thick coating of cast urethane. We’re able to repair or replace any sort of forklift coating and will continue to extend the life of your forklift pads for the lifetime of the forklift itself. Our intention is to save you money on repairs.

Mark Tool & Rubber Company is a leading provider of cast urethane products in Louisiana and the rest of the gulf south. Our custom molded urethane products are used in industries like oil & gas, valves, electrical distribution, railroad industry, trucking industry, and so much more. Whenever you want to place an order, give us a call.


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