January 18

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Mark Tool’s Signature Cast Urethane & Polyurethane Products

Your business doesn’t need parts that can be easily damaged. Parts that can crack, break, tear, swell, abrade, and deteriorate slow down operations and cost you money.

Mark Tool Co., Inc. has manufactured countless parts and products used in industries worldwide. We can formulate a polymer for any application. We use polyurethane and urethane because they are extremely versatile and offer lots of advantages over other elastomers and plastics. These parts are simply stronger, tougher, more durable, and more versatile than parts made with rubber and other alternatives.

Why Mark Tool

Polyurethane’s mechanical properties can be adjusted via chemistry to achieve performance characteristics unequaled in any other material. This is the reason some of our signature products are so well known:

RollersTensioner PadsForklift Pads • Towline ProtectorsPipe Spacers • Seals & Gaskets • Fittings • Pipe Clamps • Pipe Rack Covers • Pipe Centralizers • Round Stock • Square Stock • Sheets •

Mark Tool Co., Inc. has the latest technology in rotational casting, or roller lagging. Our new, high-speed application procedure means it is no longer necessary to build molds for each roller casting, eliminating costly tooling expense.

Our urethane ranges in hardness from Shore 10A to Shore 80D, manufactured from high performance resins. We can cast parts as small as a few ounces all the way up to several hundred pounds. We have the skills, equipment, and technology to custom cast your parts in any shape, size, or color you need.

Here are a few of our specialties for marine and oil and gas industries, among others.

Towline Protectors

Mark Tool Co., Inc. Uregaurd Towline Protectors are made of a durable castable polyurethane 90A durometer, which will always outlast conventional rubber towline protectors. The tapered ends act as bearings to prevent premature lines parting and lost tows.

Our towline protectors come in many sizes and are made in two halves and are bolted together for easy installation. They are bolted with high grade non-corrosive bolts, which will cut down on maintenance. Ends also can be custom made to fit any size cable or rope.

Pipe Spacers

Our pipe spacers are made of durable castable polyurethane. Our spacers can be made for pipelines, pipe transportation, and pipe storage. They are excellent for underwater pipelines where pipes need to be a certain distance from each other, for underground pipelines or simply for stacking pipe in a yard.

Forklift Pads

Mark Tool Co., Inc. has custom-made steel shoe forklift pads made to fit your forklift blades. Our pads come in different sizes and styles and are coated with a durable castable urethane. We can strip worn out polyurethane off old steel pads and recoat to save you money.

Urethane Rollers

We can make all shapes and sizes of rollers, such as:

  • Hourglass rollers ("V” rollers)
  • Conveyor belt rollers
  • Pipe conveyor rollers
  • Sheave rollers
  • Paper mill rollers

Rollers can be made of many different thicknesses, sizes, colors, and hardnesses, from shore 10A to 80D.

Refurbished Parts

Are you thinking of discarding your old, worn out forklift pads, rollers, or other parts and replacing them with new ones? You may not have to.

Mark Tool Co., Inc. may be able to save you money by rebuilding your old parts. In many cases, we can put them in our burn-off oven, clean them, and re-coat them with rubber or polyurethane as needed. Check out the before and after results:

Rollers before refurbishing.

Rollers after refurbishing.

About Us

For more than four decades, Mark Tool Co., Inc. has served the oilfield and marine industries, as well as virtually every industry from manufacturing to food goods processing. Mark Tool Co., Inc. has custom molded manufacturing solutions for high and low volume production. We can also assist with all stages of your project, from design to tooling.

You can depend on us for your custom molded polyurethane and rubber product needs. Call us today.

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