August 6

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Mark Tool & Rubber Establishes Service in Nigeria

Mark Tool & Rubber is proud to announce that we’ve established a deal to bring our services to Nigeria. This marks a large step forward for the company as we continue to manufacture quality and customized tools and rubber products for vendors spanning the globe.

Nigeria has proved to be the ideal location for Mark Tool & Rubber’s expanding services. The country earned the title "Giant of Africa” for possessing the continent’s strongest economy, and ranking twentieth in the world overall. The West African nation also boasts the seventh highest population worldwide, with 174 million people. Although Nigeria has struggled with civil war over the last half century following its independence from British rule, it has been operating freely and peacefully under a democratically elected government since 2011. Economists predict a bright future for the Giant of Africa.

In April 2015, Mark Tool Company signed an Agency agreement with Plant Engineering Nigeria Limited located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. This will give our customers that are located in West African regions competitive pricing, quicker delivery time, and skilled applicators located in Nigeria. The main focus with this agency agreement is to have trained applicators located in Nigeria to apply our SplashTRON® Half-Shell Kits.

SplashTRON® Half-Shells are molded out of vulcanized elastomer, sized to fit specific pipe diameters, normally in thickness of 1 inch and a length of 1 meter. They are installed in the field, over FBE-coated pipe where mechanical protection is required or where long, continuous SplashTRON® coverage is required. They are adhered to the pipe with Splash Cote 2216. Splash Cote 2216 is a two-part compound that, when mixed, forms a gray, highly flexible epoxy adhesive, with high shear and peel strengths.

Mark Tool Plant Manager Jerome Hebert pictured with Daere Akobo, CEO of Plant Engineering Nigeria Limited

SplashTRON® Half-Shells are suitable for piping systems when SplashTRON® cannot be vulcanized in one of our plants. The applications would include but not be limited to:

  • Offshore riser pipe in the splash-zone
  • Pipeline railroad crossings
  • Pipeline river crossings
  • Pipeline touchdown areas

Mark Tool & Rubber has produced quality products since 1954. Our latest economic venture into Nigeria is the next step in further developing the company’s status as a hub of finely made tools and rubber products, while simultaneously working to bolster the Nigerian economy.

Photos of a recent order shipped to Nigeria for a Chevron project

Photos of the application process for the SplashTRON® Half-Shell Kits

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