December 26

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Why ThermoTRON® is The Best Choice For Thermal Insulation

As the oil and gas industry evolves, the need for pipe thermal insulation with higher internal operating temperatures increases as we drill farther and deeper into the gulf. To fit this need, Mark Tool has created ThermoTRON®--an innovative new insulated coating with over 60 years of experience built into it. 

What Is ThermoTRON®

ThermoTRON® is a high-temperature, wet insulation coating that can be used to protect subsea tiebacks, flow lines, pipelines, and more. It can insulate up to 350°F without bending, cracking, or disbonding as your pipe bends.

This coating is strategically made using three critical layers:

  • Corrosion-resistant layer
  • Bonding agent layer
  • Elastomeric insulation layer
ThermoTRON being wrapped around a pipe

Combined, these layers produce the unique pipe thermal insulation protective coating that is ThermoTRON®. However, ThermoTRON® has far more benefits than simply offering the highest grade subsea insulation system on the market.

Additional Benefits

Impact resistance and corrosion protection are just two of additional benefits that ThermoTRON® offers. The three layers combined create an external layer that’s highly resistant against the impact of debris, sediment, and boats that will inevitably knock against your structure.

Like SplashTRON®, ThermoTRON® is built with the same splash zone protective technology to resist against corrosion from marine life, cathodic disbondment, fungi, extreme weather, chemical attacks, and more for years to come. This coating is specially designed to resist wear and tear, dents, and potentially anything that poses risk of damage to your structure.

Make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest and greatest in subsea technology that will protect your pipes for years to come. To ensure the greatest protection possible, request a ThermoTRON® quote from Mark Tool today. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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