June 30

Hear from Custom Rubber and Urethane Experts

Why Custom Rubber Products Are Hot

Rubber is one of the strongest and most versatile tool-making materials available. Rubber tools and equipment can be used in a wide range of environments, remaining functional in atmospheres that are hot, cold, wet, or dry. Because it is a non-conductive substance, rubber also acts as an insulator in electrical devices. It is not as rigid as other materials, so it makes tools more durable and more resistant to wear.

Rubber ... For so much more than bathtime.

We use rubber in chafing gear, pipe spacers, pipeline rollers, tension pads, and many other products. Other materials just don't have the same level of durability. Mark Tool & Rubber makes a variety of custom molded rubber products and can always equip existing tools with a protective rubber coating.

Why Custom Rubber Products Matter

Custom molded rubber products can fulfill a wide variety of needs throughout a wide array of industries, including the farming industry, oil and gas, electrical distribution, the heavy truck industry, and the railroad industry. If there’s a job that needs to be done, chances are Mark Tool & Rubber has the right engineered molded rubber product to do it.

The utility of rubber products is clearly demonstrated by the rubber seals used in the oil and gas industry. Because oil drilling can expose equipment to extreme conditions, it is important to use a versatile material, like SplashTRON®, in many drilling operations. Unlike some other materials used to make tools, rubber can withstand both hot and cold conditions, and this adaptability makes rubber an essential material for oil and gas drillers. However, it is vital to use the appropriate rubber type for any extreme condition, and Mark Tool & Rubber can help craft the right tools for each of these unique operations.

Rubber Products for Every Industry

Rubber products are crucial in the electrical industry given the role rubber plays in electrical distribution. It is a non-conductive material, so it is often used for electrical tools, and for wiring insulation. For electrical technicians, custom rubber products can ensure a level of safety that isn’t provided by equipment made with other materials.

Farmers know rubber reduces wear and tear on agricultural machinery. In livestock stalls, trailers, and veterinary rooms, rubber matting can protect your property, and extend the life of your equipment.

Agricultural clients may also benefit from items like durable rubber weather stripping products. To protect your equipment, Mark Tool & Rubber can custom-make an effective weather strip that will serve as a leak-proof barrier against outside elements.

In the railroad industry, rubber and urethane products help provide speed and safety for high-speed trains, and freight trains. Businesses in this industry rely on custom rubber products, like vinyl caps, rubber stoppers, o-rings, and rubber grommets to keep trains running smoothly.

How Mark Tool & Rubber Can Help

Mark Tool & Rubber offers countless custom rubber products that are perfect for agricultural work, oilfield jobs, industrial work, and many other applications. In order to best satisfy your personalized needs, Mark Tool & Rubber produces its products out of customizable rubber types in nearly any size. Through compression molding, injection molding, and extruding, Mark Tool can make high-quality products based on your unique designs.

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