September 16

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What Does SplashTRON® Cost?

SplashTRON® is a highly specialized coating used to insulate and protect risers, platforms, pipelines and other equipment in the splash zone.

SplashTRON®—invented and manufactured solely by Mark Tool Co., Inc.—can also minimize and eliminate many of the common issues associated with line pulling when laying utility pipe via directional boring.

When determining your cost for these kinds of superior coatings, it is helpful to understand the major properties and benefits of SplashTRON® and to know where it is applicable. The cost of having SplashTRON® applied to your equipment can vary significantly.

Why Choose SplashTRON®?

SplashTRON® is an entirely unique elastomer product. During installation, it is chemically bonded to the metal surface of a structure, pipe, or other piece of equipment. This bond is incredibly strong and creates an impenetrable barrier of protection from abrasion, corrosion, and the elements. It is also highly resistant to impact from boats and debris, as well as from infestation by fungus, scale, and other invasive marine life. SplashTRON® can be applied seamlessly over joints. It will not wear away, debond, crack or become dislodged and it can be used in virtually all climates and conditions.

Factors That Affect The Cost of SplashTRON®

Because SplashTRON® is custom-applied for each partner we work with, bid prices vary accordingly. Several factors will come in to play when calculating the cost of a SplashTRON® application.

  • Installed on-site, the geography, accessibility, and other unique circumstances of your site will affect the price.
  • The condition of your equipment matters. Application on bent or damaged pipes will cost more.
  • The thicker the coating, the costlier it will be. SplashTRON® can be applied as thin as 1/4-inch and as thick as 60 inches.
  • The length of your pipeline and/or the size of your equipment dictates how much product you’ll need to order.
  • High temperature applications which require the use of ThermoTRON 350®, a specialized extreme heat-resistant version of SplashTRON®, will cost more than standard applications.

A Sound Investment

Large offshore operations have used SplashTRON® successfully for decades. Traditional coatings may cost less initially, but are nowhere near as resistant to damage and wear. They will inevitably need to be replaced long before a SplashTRON® coating begins to show signs of wear.

In fact, if a SplashTRON® coating becomes damaged, the integrity of the seal will not be affected unless the damage is so extensive that bare metal has become exposed. Even then, it can be repaired.

The bonded-on elastomer formulation of SplashTRON® is made and sold exclusively by Mark Tool Co. Contact Mark Tool and Rubber now to request a quote.

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