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Top 9 Benefits of Using Rubber Surfacing for Your Playground

Various colors of rubber surfacing

Rubber flooring offers an array of benefits for outdoor and indoor playgrounds, around pools, livestock trailers and much more. These benefits range from aesthetics and tactile appeal, to durability, safety, and more; making it the premier choice over other options like loose fill and colored concrete. Its many benefits also offset any cost variables due to the longevity and lifespan of the product.

If you’re considering using rubber flooring on your playground or indoor facility, check out the following benefits:

1. Its appearance

Rubber surfacing offers a smooth and clean cut charm to its look. It also has a visual appeal with vivid colors that invite children to play on them. In addition, rubber can be installed in patterns to create an even more enticing design.

2. Economics

When compared to other surfaces, rubber provides an economical advantage. It’s cheaper, quickly and easily installed, and lasts longer than other flooring options.

3. Safety

Because safety is the top concern when choosing a playground surfacing, rubber is a popular choice. This material provides excellent fall protection and aids in preventing critical injuries. It also creates a non-slip surface, inhibiting slips and falls.

4. Cleanliness

Rubber is very easy to clean. General maintenance includes sweeping, rinsing, and blowing off debris. In addition to being virtually maintenance-free, rubber does not harbor bacteria or attract insects.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Rubber surfacing is made largely from recycled tires, making it eco-friendly and safe for both children and the environment.

6. Versatility

Rubber is extremely versatile—it can be used in residential areas, schools, parks, museums, churches, rooftops, and more.

7. Comfort

One great benefit of rubber surfacing is its comfort and shock absorbability. The pliability of rubber leads to longer play and happier feet.

8. Durability

When high-quality rubber is installed properly, this surfacing can last quite a long time. Some manufacturers offer up to a 15-year warranty, which speaks for the resilience of the product.

9. Sound Resistance

Rubber tiles act as barriers and sound absorbers, reducing noise by up to 18 decibels. This factor makes tile a great option for courtyards and indoor play areas.

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