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A Deep Dive Into The Testing Behind ThermoTRON®

ThermoTON® is an innovative solution to subsea thermal insulation. This special coating can withstand up to 350°F and is intended for use in hull piping, splash zone protection, subsea jumpers, and more. To ensure the quality of our new product, we’ve put it under a grueling series of tests in the gulf for many years, including:

Lifetime Aging Test Program

The lifetime aging test program tested thousands of ThermoTRON® samples. An Arrhenius-based lifetime prediction model was performed for wet and dry aged materials, and all calculations showed over 30 years of survivability with the product at its designed temperature (350°F).

Full Scale Testing

Our full scale testing demonstrated just how robust ThermoTRON® is. Performed by Heriot Watt University, we tested the product using a reel-lay application on a pipe with a bend radius of 9 meters, insulation thickness of 3 inches, and size of 8.625 inches.

full scale testing

Reel-Lay Testing with Field Joint Installed

The flexibility of ThermoTRON® was tested by TechnipFMC Spool Base using a reel-lay application with a field joint installed. The pipe used in this test was 8.625 inches with a bend radius of 9 meters and an insulation thickness of 4 inches.

reel-lay testing

S-Lay Tension Test

Allseas performed a wet and try s-lay tension test on ThermoTRON®, further proving its versatility and strength.

s-lay tension test

These are just a few of the endless tests that ThermoTRON® has endured and passed with flying colors. As oilfield exploration ventures farther into the Gulf, protecting your pipes from pressure and heat becomes more vital than ever before. Request your ThermoTRON® quote today!

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