December 31

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SplashTRON XM® — A New Subsea Pipeline FKM Coating System

Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc. is proud to announce the development of a new subsea insulation coating. This product will be the optimum subsea pipe line coating system for jumpers, trees, risers and other subsea piping. The base product will be a proven material, a modified version of Viton fluoroelastomer. The result will be SplashTRON XM® what will have great corrosion protection, good insulating properties and great mechanical protection.

Viton fluoroelastomer was selected as the base product for several reasons it is the most specified fluoroelastomer, well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance. Viton offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals, it’s comparatively low cost, its strong adhesion strength to steel, and because it is extremely flexible.

SplashTRON XM® will have embedded microspheres formulated in to the polymer for good thermo insulating properties, strength, water resistance and flexibility. The properties obtained from this product allow the insulated pipe to be installed by J-lay, S-lay or Reel installation methods. We fill that SplashTRON XM® will meet the technical requirements for all water depths.

  • It bonds strongly to steel.
  • It has proven to have a very long service life in the harsh "splash zone" environment (30+ years.)
  • It is a good electrical insulator.
  • It is a good thermo insulator.
  • It provides a bonus in corrosion protection for the surface to which it is vulcanized to.

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