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Splash Zone Protection of Risers, Hull Piping

Splash Zone Anticorrosive Systems

The best way to protect risers and hull piping from splash zones is by using ThermoTRON 350® offshore pipeline coating. ThermoTRON® is a specially-formulated version of Mark Tool's SplashTRON® for use in high temperatures. Read on to learn more about how ThermoTRON® is splash zone coating to protect your risers, hull piping, and insulation for subsea flow-line.

What’s unique about ThermoTRON®?

ThermoTRON® is designed to insulate hull piping and risers with internal temperatures up to 350 degrees. Unlike other protective coatings, ThermoTRON® works well in harsh environments. The flexible system offers protection from seawater, impact, creep, weathering, fungus, and marine life for the life of your subsea installations.

ThermoTRON® offers excellent thermal insulation properties and both anticorrosive and mechanical protection.

How does ThermoTRON® insulate?

ThermoTRON® is made up of three layers vulcanized to the surface of the steel pipe. The first layer is a corrosion coating designed to protect your steel pipe’s surface from chemical attack and cathodic disbondment. The second layer is a bonding layer between this corrosion coating layer and the top coat. The third and final layer is a thermal-insulating and anti-corrosive one-inch layer of ThermoTRON® technology. Thickness for this final coating layer can vary.

Where can ThermoTRON® be installed?

In addition to hull piping and risers, ThermoTRON 350® is also an excellent insulation for a variety of systems including flow-lines, tie-backs, and spools.

How do I know that ThermoTRON® is effective?

ThermoTRON® systems manufacturers have 60 years of experience in this industry. One of the largest oil and gas producers in the Gulf of Mexico has also tested ThermoTRON®’s effectiveness for two years. ThermoTRON® has passed the following tests with flying colors:

  • End of Life (EOL) testing
  • Exposure tests
  • Hot dry-aging testing
  • Water uptake testing
  • Wet thermal degradation
  • Heat capacity testing
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Oxidation testing
  • High temperature testing up to 525° F
  • Low temperature testing down to 25° F

What if I don’t need high-temperature insulation?

You can always explore the excellent SplashTRON® insulation system for structures that reach temperatures up to 200 degrees. SplashTRON® is a great companion to ThermoTRON 350®. Coming in thicknesses of quarter-, half-, three-quarters, and one-inch, SplashTRON® doesn’t require much maintenance, while also providing impact damage resistance, weatherability, and insulation. Like ThermoTRON®, SplashTRON® has proven its durability in the Gulf of Mexico for over thirty years.

SplashTRON® polychloroprene coating: Data Sheet info

SplashTRON® coating is often used to insulate pipelines, platform structural members, conventional risers, conductors, riser clamp lining, and J-tube pipelines. SplashTRON® is particularly well-suited to protecting these platforms from boats, debris, marine life, ultraviolet rays, and erosive sea water. Additionally, SplashTRON® is flexible so even though it’s permanently bonded to metal surfaces, it won’t ever disband for the life of the platform.

If you’re ready to install ThermoTRON 350® as your wet insulation system, Mark Tool and Rubber Co, Inc. can help. In addition to making custom cast urethane and rubber molded products, we are the premiere retailer and installer of SplashTRON® and ThermoTRON 350® products in the Gulf Coast and around the world. We build protective splash zone equipment for offshore platforms, and we know ThermoTRON 350® and SplashTRON® can better protect your risers and hull pipers and benefit your business. To learn more, contact us today.

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