June 28

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How to Save Money on Offshore Maintenance with SplashTRON®

Offshore maintenance is one of the biggest expenses in the oilfield industry, and corrosion accounts for nearly 60% of all offshore maintenance costs.

From ozone attacks, to splash zone and impact damage, it’s no surprise that offshore platforms are subject to endless corrosion that can result in platform failure.

Corrosion costs the oilfield industry an estimated $1.372 billion each year--something that’s simply not feasible while we’re still bouncing back from the effects of COVID-19.

After 2020, we’ve all learned the hard way that the future is unpredictable--especially in this industry.

In order to stay afloat in these uncertain times and save money down the line, you need the right pipeline coating

Specifically, one that will:

  • Be completely and permanently bonded to the metal surface.
  • Have decent flow line thermal insulation.
  • Protect against corrosion for the life of the platform (including damage from UV rays, boats, sea life, sea water, oxygen, and more).
  • Last for at least 30 years.
  • Be highly flexible and not disbond or crack as members contract, expand, bend, or curve.
  • Have a lifetime guarantee that it will last as long as the installation does.
  • Resist bio-fouling and electrical currents.
  • Protect the structure from scale attack and fungus.

At Mark Tool, we’ve engineered a pipeline coating that encompasses all the above traits and then some; it’s called SplashTRON®.

SplashTRON® is an elastomer that can be permanently bonded to the splash zone of your offshore structure. It increases your platform’s lifespan and requires no maintenance, saving you tons on repairs each year.

Never settle when it comes to keeping your offshore structures safe. Request your SplashTRON® quote today!

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