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Do you need high-quality rubber goods and coatings?

There’s a good reason why “rubber” and “tool” are part of our name at Mark Tool & Rubber Company.

It’s because our in-house tool shop capabilities make us proven experts in the manufacturing and machining of custom molded rubber components of all kinds. We’re one of the leading manufacturers of rubber rollers in the gulf region as well.

Mark Tool Co, Inc. was founded with a focus on various oilfield and marine applications of rubber goods and coatings, but our scope of services has grown over the years to include components for all the following (just to name a very few):

  • manufacturing
  • food goods
  • farm equipment
  • valves
  • electrical distribution
  • railroad
  • heavy trucks
  • barges
Product Information:  
Rubber Products

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polyurethane rollers

As one of only a few companies on the market that has the experience and capabilities to manufacture both custom molded rubber products and cast urethane products at the same facility, Mark Tool & Rubber Co. is a true leader in our field. In addition, we specialize in applying rubber coatings to existing tools.

We call upon more than four decades of experience and proven expertise in providing value-added services to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our range of high quality rubber parts and components includes rollers and tension pads. We have the capabilities and resources to take your designs and create precise molds, then create high-quality parts through compression molding, injection molding or extruding.

Regardless of what type of rubber components you require, chances are Mark Tool Co, Inc. can meet your unique needs.

Advantages of Rubber

Rubber is an ideal material for making parts and components – and it is also highly effective when used as a coating on existing tools. Rubber is very strong, while also being less rigid than many other materials. This means that rubber can withstand more stress and exhibit less wear than some other materials. Mark Tool’s rubber products are some of the best in Louisiana and the surrounding gulf area.

In addition, rubber components can act as an effective non-conductive insulating material. When materials components such as rollers and tension pads are made from materials other than rubber, you risk breakage and/or leaking – which can result in reduced production and lost revenue.

At Mark Tool we have the knowledge, expertise and chemistry capabilities to formulate custom molded rubber products for virtually any application – resulting in parts and components that consistently outperform other materials. We can custom mold any sort of rubber products that you need.

Plant Capabilities

  • 60′ long x 30′ wide steel grit blasting room
  • Two 20′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ tall urethane ovens
  • Urethane processing equipment 1 gallon/min to 5 gallons/min
  • One 85′ long x 6′ wide steam autoclave
  • 3 rubber extruders 3” to 8”
Rubber goods
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