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How Rubber Extrusions are Used in the Military

One extremely important component of military products that often gets overlooked is rubber extrusions. Defense systems require special, repeated components that meet extremely precise specifications and can be created during the extrusion process. 

Understanding rubber extrusions

In order to understand the many uses of rubber, you must first understand how it’s made and what sets it apart from other materials. 

Rubber extrusion, the method in which rubber is made, is unique in that it uses dies in the formation process to ensure that products come out identical every time. This consistency allows for mass orders to be created with better results and in less time than making the pieces individually.

During this process, the rubber is forced through a die that’s formed with a cross section. Because rubber is malleable, the extreme amount of pressure forms it into the desired shape before hardening. After hardening, it can be cut to meet any requirements.

Using rubber parts

As discussed earlier, defense products need to reach very high standards to ensure that they comply with their requirements. Every finished product must be up to the task and able to meet all the regulations necessary for enhancing and testing performance.

Military products must go through an array of unique tests and have unique characteristics, such as the abilities to:

  • Withstand everyday usage for extended periods of time
  • Keep dust, sand, and mud away
  • Survive in extreme temperatures
  • Withstand salt and freshwater without malfunctioning
  • Maintain their function even after being in storage for months on end

Because these products are critical to military survival, they must be the highest quality. Rubber products in the military are used in vehicles, tanks, aerospace, engine insulation, solar, and marine areas of defense.

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