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ThermoTRON® for Pipeline Coating in J-Tubes

ThermoTRON® is a revolutionary wet insulation pipeline coating for j-tubes and various other components of offshore platforms. Like SplashTRON®, this coating is bonded uniformly and firmly to the j-pipe, offering total protection during and after the pull without disbonding or cracking as the pipe bends. When it comes to j-tubes, ThermoTRON® offers several benefits, including:

Corrosion protection and thermal insulation

ThermoTRON® is used to coat the entire pipeline in the j-tube, offering permanent corrosion protection and thermal insulation for internal operating temperatures of up to 350°F.

Depth protection

ThermoTRON® was specially designed to offer protection in even the deepest, warmest waters of the Gulf. This pipeline coating can withstand nearly any threat, including extreme depth, pressure, and heat.

Plugging the bottom of the j-tube

ThermoTRON® can be used to plug the bottom of your j-tube. This will help seal off the annulus, confine the corrosion inhibitor to the inside of the tube, and centralize the pipe inside of the j-tube.

Strength and resiliency

The strength of ThermoTRON® is unmatched. It is so strong, in fact, that it can shield metal from salt water and oxygen attacks, can be “cold bent” after application without adverse effects, and does not require routine maintenance. It is also resistant to the buildup of fungus, scale, or sea life; as well as splash zone corrosion, weather, and impact damage.

ThermoTRON® pipeline coating for j-tubes is applied during fabrication and can be pulled through the tube. This special coating is perfect for protecting structural members, whole pipes, the splash zone, and offshore installations. Wherever you choose to apply this coating, you can rest assured that your pipes will be protected for the remainder of their lifetime. 

While ThermoTRON® is widely known for its thermal insulative properties, it has an endless array of other benefits as well. If you’re familiar with SplashTRON®, our innovative splash zone protective coating, you know just how durable and long-lasting our products are here at Mark Tool. Contact us today to request a quote!

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