June 4

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Mark Tool Manufactures 12,000 Polyurethane Wheels for XOOTR

At Mark Tool & Rubber, we have over 40 years’ worth of experience in the polyurethane industry, making us leaders in manufacturing cast urethane products. We have manufactured endless cast urethane parts and products that are used worldwide in countless industries. 

Recently, we were given the opportunity to manufacture 12,000 polyurethane wheels for XOOTR, the adult kick scooter company. Thanks, XOOTR, for trusting in us to supply your scooter wheels! Check out the video below to watch the process.

From pipe spacers to cast urethane rollers, pipeline supports, cast urethane towline protectors, and more, Mark Tool has the technology and experience necessary to manufacture your custom polyurethane wheels or other products in any size, shape, or color. Contact us today to request a quote! We look forward to serving your polyurethane needs.

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