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Industrial Rollers: The Basics

Industrial custom molded rubber and polyurethane rollers from Mark Tool Co., Inc. have a wide variety of applications in the production of paper, steel, food, textiles, wood, and plastic. These rollers protect, squeeze, feed, insulate and move products, and there’s a…

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What Urethane Protection Delivers

For offshore applications and industrial use that calls for superior corrosion protection, long life, and resistance to impacts and abrasions, urethane (and polyurethane) coatings have a lot to offer. These include: Elastomeric memory: This means urethane products return to their…

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Product Spotlight: Towline Protectors

Towlines are ropes or cables used in variety of recreational and professional settings, including parasailing, window washing, and maritime transportation. They can offer thousands of pounds of tensile strength, making them great for use with machinery or people. As towlines…

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