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Advantages of Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting

Scaffolding, also known as staging, is a temporary structure built to allow crews to work on construction and to repair large structures. Scaffold sheeting was developed to cover these structures, allowing crews to work through unpleasant weather conditions and cut down time.

Compared to standard materials, Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting has numerous advantages. Below, we’ll explore the different areas of the product, allowing you to make the best decision for what you need.

Product Overview

Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting is made of a reinforcement scrim, made of polyester yarn, that is protected by two layers of low density polyethylene. The yarn is available in 1100 dtex and 1670 dtex thickness.


Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting has many advantages integrated into its design. The product offers great resistance to UV Rays, and the use of a patented eyelet system ensures the sheeting is fixed and fastened properly. There are a variety of options to choose from, depending on the type of project:

  • Monarflex Super T Plus, with outstanding wind resistance and strength, is best for long-term projects.
  • Monarflex Scaffband is best for projects that are shorter term, and do not have exposure to high winds. It is also lightweight, making it easier for crews to carry and set up.

Weather Protection

Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting can be used as a climate shield to protect construction sites, machinery and crews again wind, snow, and rain. This ensures a stable working environment so projects are completed on time.

Fireproof Products

Open flame eventually finds its way onto every construction site. In these cases, Monarflex Scaffold Shielding products are offered in a "Flamesafe” variety as well. The addition of a flame retardant allows for the self-destruction of flames, preventing them from leaving the desired site. Just like the standard Scaffold Sheeting products, there are a variety of fire safe options to chose from:

  • Monarflex Stripe FireSmart is best for short-term projects will low risk to high winds.
  • Monarflex Super T FireSmart, similar to the standard version, is best for long-term projects that also have exposure to flames.
  • Monarflex Scaffold Flamesafe, similar to the standard version, is best for short-term projects with low wind risk.

Available Accessories

A variety of accessories are available to go along with the Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting to make sure you are getting the best use for your project. Some of these include:

  • Anchor and Strap - Used together to create a strong fixation, and works great for projects where high wind resistance is necessary.
  • Polytoggle, Wedge and Strap - Pressed into the eyelet of the scaffold sheeting, the polytoggle accessory offers a water-tight fixing and allows a rope or similar chord to be tied to the scaffold framework. The Wedge and strap can be added onto the Polytoggle to give a flexible fixing.
  • Monostud and Cable Ties - Similar to the Polytoggle, these accessories are used together to create a watertight fixation. The difference is that the cables are tied directly to the scaffold framework rather than a cord or rope.
  • Monobond Joint and Lap Sealant - This double-sided tape is used to create joints that are both watertight and airtight.

Service Features

For advertisement purposes, screen and DigiWrap printing services are offered to allow people passing by the site to see your logo. Additionally, by choosing this product, you will have access to an approved contractor network.

There are many advantages to selecting Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting for your next construction or demolition project. While there are a variety of products to chose from, each protects scaffolding from a variety of weather conditions. Fireproof options of the standard sheeting are available, adding extra protection for your crew and project. Finally, the variety of accessories available offers great flexibility when setting up your scaffold.

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