August 14

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What is ThermoTRON®?

In the oil and gas field, we’re no strangers to a constantly evolving industry. Currently, we are able to drill farther out in the Gulf of Mexico, in waters that are hotter and deeper than ever before. However, with this increased heat and depth comes the need for advanced thermal insulation technology.

Because the oil moving through your pipes is coming straight from the core of the Earth and through cold water, there is an increased risk that the internal oil will solidify and costly pigging and chemical injection methods would have to be introduced, slowing production and adding costly remediation methods. Thankfully, Mark Tool has developed an innovative new solution that’s going to change the industry as we know it.

About ThermoTRON®

You’ve heard of SplashTRON®--our industry-leading, splash zone-protective coating. But what is ThermoTRON®? ThermoTRON® is flexible HPHT thermal insulation flowlines and subsea equipment.

This game-changing wet insulation system also doubles as a splash zone protector for hull piping and risers. It keeps the temperature of your pipes constant to avoid solidification, can withstand any depth of the ocean, is rated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and comes in two forms:

  • Custom coating- at Mark Tool, we can coat your individual plems, plets, xmas trees, jumpers, pipeline end manifolds, and inline sleds with ThermoTRON®
  • Pipeline- ThermoTRON® coating of the entire pipeline

Three Layers

ThermoTRON® consists of three layers:

  • Corrosion-resistant layer- This is the first layer of ThermoTRON®, which covers the pipeline with a film that’s extremely resistant to cathodic disbondment and chemical attack (after the pipe has been steel grit blasted).
  • Bonding agent layer- This is the middle layer, which is made up of a bonding agent that bonds the first layer of corrosion coating to the top coat.
  • High-temperature, high-density elastomer layer- the final layer of ThermoTRON® is made up of extruded ThermoTRON® in varying thicknesses, depending on the service conditions. The purpose of this layer is to provide mechanical and anticorrosive protection for the pipeline, as well as superior thermal insulation.

Each of these layers has 60 years worth of experience, track record, and precision built into it, and has been thoroughly tested for over two years now by one of the biggest oil and gas producers in the Gulf. Keep up with the ever-changing industry. Contact Mark Tool today for more information about ThermoTRON®!

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