September 5

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What Can ThermoTRON® be Used For?

Mark Tool’s new ThermoTRON® is a game-changing, high-temperature wet insulation that’s perfect for protecting the splash zone of hull piping and risers, as well as insulating subsea flow-lines. With its many uses and applications, ThermoTRON® will have a major impact on the oil and gas industry, allowing for drilling to take place in deeper waters than ever before. But what can ThermoTRON® be used for?

Corrosion protection

ThermoTRON®’s base layer is corrosion-resistant. Its coating is specifically designed to take on the inevitable threats that marine life brings to your structures. This makes it ideal for withstanding extreme weather, marine life, fungi, chemical attacks, cathodic disbondment, and more.

Our coating is designed to protect against corrosion, dents, wear and tear, and anything that could potentially damage your platform. Not only does ThermoTRON® protect hardware, but it also lets you rest assured knowing that your structures and pipes are protected for years to come.


Along with its unmatched corrosion protection, ThermoTRON® also acts as an insulation system for spool, production risers, tie-backs, hull piping, and flow-lines. It is rated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and can insulate potentially anything. Unlike other coatings, ThermoTRON® is flexible and specially designed to thrive in difficult environments.

Impact resistance

ThermoTRON® consists of three layers, each of which are designed with specific purposes in mind. All together, they form an impact-resistant barrier to protect against the debris, boats, and sediment that your structure will inevitably come into contact with.

Mark Tool has over 60 years' worth of experience in this field and has been testing ThermoTRON® for two years in the Gulf of Mexico. 

ThermoTRON layers

Our one of a kind coating has passed endless tests, including laboratory, oxidation, End of Life, UV exposure, heat capacity, low temperature (down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit), high temperature (up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit), wet thermal degradation, hot dry-aging, oxidation, water uptake, thermal conductivity, stimulated service tests with internal pipe temperature of 525 degrees Fahrenheit and an external pressure of 4500 PSI, and more. 

ThermoTRON® has proven to be reliable and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry. Contact Mark Tool today to learn more about this innovative new solution and how it can protect your platform.

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