August 11

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What are the Perks of Using Cast Urethane?

At Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc., we are leaders in the polyurethane industry and have been manufacturing cast urethane products for over 40 years. We’ve manufactured parts for an array of industries that are used all around the world. 

We love working with cast urethane for several reasons. While its benefits are endless, the following are just a few advantages that come with choosing such a versatile material for your applications:

Immense strength

Polyurethane possesses a unique strength when compared to other elastomers and plastics. Because of this, its lifetime value is greater than most materials as it will not crack, swell, break, deteriorate, or tear. 

This will increase your efficiency by decreasing your risk of lost production time due to faulty, broken parts and saving you time and money on replacing said parts. At Mark Tool, our cast urethane products are custom-made to fit anywhere between Shore 10A and Shore 80D in hardness.


Not only are polyurethane products extremely strong, but their durability is unmatched. They can endure immense heat and weight, lasting for years on end without risk of failing and damaging your equipment.


Cast urethane can be used in any industry, including food goods processing, farm equipment, manufacturing, railroads, trucking, and more. The reason polyurethane can be used in so many different applications is due to its strength, durability, and unique chemical properties.  

Adjustable chemical properties

One of the coolest features of cast urethane is its adjustable chemical properties. Chemistry can be used to change these properties, allowing for us to alter the product in order to meet your desired performance characteristics.

Located in Franklin, Louisiana, Mark Tool has been producing urethane, rubber, and protective pipeline coatings for decades. We proudly manufacture cast urethane pipe spacers, rollers, pipeline supports, towline protectors, and more. Contact us today to request a quote! We ship worldwide and look forward to helping you with your next project. 

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