April 25

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Using Rubber to Make Pipelines Safer

External corrosion to natural gas pipelines can be extremely dangerous. If not discovered in a timely manner, it can rupture and cause a fire. Thankfully, this can be prevented with the use of high quality products, like SplashTRON®, and proper pipeline maintenance.

SplashTRON® is a rubber-based coating that can case and line structures and equipment within the splash zone, protecting them from external corrosion.

External corrosion to pipelines is typically a result of the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays and the ozone, incidental impact form floating debris and boats, abrasive seawater, and the harsh effects of sea life that builds on offshore installations.

Rubber Elastomer Coating Benefits

Adding a rubber coating to the pipeline can protect against all of the above hazards and then some. SplashTRON®’s unique characteristics allow it to last for extended periods of time and give it the protective qualities and durability desired by those in this industry.

While SplashTRON® is mostly used for coating pipelines, it can also be applied to platform diagonals and legs, J-tubes, spools, risers, and riser clamps. Not only does it make pipelines safer, but it saves you the time and money you would spend replacing these structures when they become corroded. SplashTRON® completely and permanently bonds to any metal surface without disbonding or cracking, and does not require routine maintenance.

Mark Tool has been using SplashTRON® in pipeline coating projects for over twenty years now, and we have never experienced an external corrosion disaster.  

splashtron being applied

Rubber is invaluable when it comes to pipeline coating, and SplashTRON® is the number one choice of material for use in offshore operations. It is resistant to the elements as well as most oils and weathering. It deters the buildup of bacteria and fungus (also known as biofouling), and its thermal insulation properties allow it to stabilize temperature inside the pipeline, in order to help its contents maintain the desired temperature. Make pipelines safer by requesting a SplashTRON® quote today!

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