August 11

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Uses and Advantages of Cast Urethane Products

Fully customizable in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes, cast urethane is a rubber derivative whose versatility makes it desirable to a variety of industries for a wide range of purposes and applications.

Urethane, a strong elastomer or synthetic rubber, comes in molded forms, "flexible and rigid foams” and "in a variety of tough, protective, long-wearing coatings, either transparent or hiding, and as adhesives.”

One of the features of the elastomer that gives it versatility is the cast urethane process which generates custom molded urethane products based on customer designs to meet the precise specifications of the part required.

The three most common techniques for casting urethane are: compression, injection, and extrusion.

Compression molding uses a combination of heat and pressure to make urethane more pliable so that it forms itself into a mold. Injection molding sends pre-heated urethane inside a mold where it cools in the desired shape. Extrusion forces urethane through a tubular mold and is often used to produce pipes and hoses.

Since the urethane casting process lends itself to a range of custom specifications, industries from agriculture to oil and gas to automotive have developed a high need for quality custom molded urethane products.

In the oil and gas industry, some parts like pipe spacers are made of just the urethane alone and others, like rollers, are bonded to the surface or interior of metal parts.

The automotive industry uses urethane in many parts in the body of the car. This includes the steering wheel and mechanical parts under the hood. In fact, the front bumpers of vehicles are often made of very dense, strong urethane rubber colored to match the car as though it was made of the same metal as the body of the car.


Urethane products are also abundant in the agricultural industry. From the solid urethane tires on wheelbarrows, to the seat on a John Deere tractor, to rubber attachments for harvesting crops, cast urethane products serve a variety of purposes.

In addition to being highly customizable, one of the great advantages to using rubber products is their flexible nature. From the thinnest products, which bend at the touch of a finger, to large solid urethane product which aids in the even distribution of industrial loads, these products are markedly different from rigid metals.

Furthermore, cast urethane products are far less susceptible to wear and tear. Compared to metal products that corrode and crack in industrial use, rubber is more durable.

"In addition, the chemical properties of polyurethane can be adjusted through chemistry – which creates many unique opportunities to solve problems with performance characteristics that are unmatched in any other material.”

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