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UreGuard VIV Strakes

UreGuard VIV Strakes

Elastomeric strakes for VIV

UreGuard VIV™

MARK was one of the first companies to develop elastomeric strakes for VIV, working with Shell Development in the 1980s. MARK’s UreGuard VIV Suppressor Strakes are molded from marine-grade polyurethane and can be protected with a foul-release coating to prevent marine growth. The UreGuard VIV System is banded to the pipe using a pre-cut Smart Band Hybrid strapping system and seals and can be applied both offshore or onshore. The strakes break up the current path, shedding the vortices away from the pipeline, thereby controlling VIV and preventing eddies.

Strong currents present challenge for deepwater drilling.

Drilling and production pipes used in deepwater applications are subject to a phenomenon known as Vortex-Induced Vibrations (VIV). As current flows around unsupported pipe, such as pipeline risers, it creates vortices behind the pipe. When these vortices break away from the pipe, they set up vibrations which will dynamically excite the riser and cause the pipe to fail prematurely. As the search for oil and gas moves to deeper waters, drilling in strong currents becomes a serious problem, especially as operators increasingly are using floatable and tension leg platforms.

Design Features:

  • One piece design (3 ft. – 6 ft. long)
  • One split line
  • Low-unit weight
  • High impact and abrasion-resistant
  • UV-stable and ozone-resistant
  • Fast, safe installation (5 minutes per section)
  • Foul-release version available
  • 25+ years of service life
  • Can be recycled upon decommissioning

Geometry (to customer specification):

  • Strake Height (0.15 – 0.25 x diameter)
  • Strake Pitch (12 – 18 x OD)
UreGuard VIV strake
VIV strakes
Strong currents form vortices behind riser pipe,
dynamically exciting the pipe.
Vortex-induced vibrations
VIV suppressors strake
Mark’s UreGuard VIV
breaks up currents that cause
vortex-induced vibrations
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