May 5

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How Urethane is Used to Make Power Tools

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Power tools must be made using the best materials on the market.

If their parts fall short, the user may wind up with painful vibration-related injuries like carpal tunnel, tendinitis, or peripheral nerve damage.

This is why urethane is the best material to use when manufacturing power tool parts. Polyurethane is incredibly versatile and has been used in a variety of industries for hundreds of years.

saw cutting metal and sparks flying

Its extra grippy texture and superb vibration-dampening qualities not only extend the longevity of these tools, but also allow for safe usage.

Urethane’s strength, durability, longevity, and toughness are unmatched and can actually be chemically adjusted to meet your specific project requirements.

Using this material to create your parts is cost-efficient, will reduce downtime, and won’t cost you in productivity.

Jackhammer handle grips and saw blade clamps are just a couple examples of the urethane molded parts that are available for power tools.

At Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc., we manufacture custom urethane parts to meet your unique standards and specifications. We’ve been trusted by our customers for over 60 years to provide the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.

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