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5 Reasons why ThermoTRON® is Perfect for Offshore Projects

As the oil and gas industry evolves and we move deeper into the increasingly warm gulf, the need for advanced technology arises. You want only the best, most reliable equipment for your project, and we’re here to introduce the latest in game-changing protective pipeline coating.

Continue reading as we dive into 5 reasons why ThermoTRON® is perfect for offshore projects.

1. Resistant to impact

ThermoTRON® is a high-temperature wet insulation coating used to protect subsea pipelines, flow lines, tiebacks, and more. It has three layers that are specially designed to create an impact-resistant buffer between debris, boats, and other objects that will inevitably knock against your platform.

2. The amount of testing and experience involved in this product

At Mark Tool, we’re proud to state that we’ve been testing ThermoTRON® in the Gulf of Mexico for over two years now. With 60 years of experience in protective coatings, our new thermal insulation has passed endless tests with flying colors, including End of Life tests, wet thermal degradation, high temperature tests, low temperature tests, water uptake tests, and many more.

3. Insulation up to 350° Fahrenheit  

ThermoTRON® offers unmatched thermal insulation, withstanding internal temperatures of up to 350°F. Its outermost high-density elastomer layer can insulate nearly anything and will never move or slip because it is vulcanized to the steel piping.

4. Protects against nature, weather, and more

Not only is ThermoTRON® creep and impact resistant, but it has also been designed to hold up against Mother Nature’s harshest and most extreme threats. Sea life, weather, and fungus buildup don’t stand a chance.

5. Corrosion prevention

ThermoTRON® has been constructed using our state-of-the-art corrosion protection as its base layer. After the initial layer has been laid down, it is steel grit blasted and overlaid with a film that protects against cathodic disbondment and chemical attacks. We can guarantee that using ThermoTRON® to coat your subsea pipes will extend their lifespan and keep them protected for years to come.

The best way to keep up with this evolving industry is by ensuring that your pipes are protected from any and all potential hazards. Contact Mark Tool & Rubber today to request a ThermoTRON® quote for your offshore projects! 

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