July 12

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How to Find the Right Surfacing for Your Sports, Water, or Playground Project

Rubber surfacing

Concrete, asphalt, and blacktop playgrounds are extremely unsafe. 

When used to surface water play and other sport/exercise areas, these materials can be even more dangerous.

Even grass and soil surfaces are not ideal, because weather and overuse can change their forms and make them less likely to cushion a child’s fall.

The perfect surfacing will be both safe and functional. The installer will need to consider how this surface will best serve the needs and wants of the community.

Warmer climates may seek a surface that’s conducive to water play, whereas fitness enthusiasts with less children might seek out durable sports flooring. 

At Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc., we offer a wide range of rubber surfacing options and can help you make the right choice for your project.

Check out the most common rubber surfacing options:

Sports floor

Rubber sport floors are the best option for fitness centers or community gyms. They’re built out of thick rubber and are meant for heavy use and absorbing shock. No other surfacing is as easy to maintain, durable, or more appropriate for fitness.

Water play surfacing

Water play surfaces need to be porous and slip-resistant in order to be safe. Because rubber is comfortable to walk on and easy to grip, it’s the perfect surface to surround pools, water fountains, and water parks. Rubber also remains relatively cool, so it won’t burn your bare feet. It can also be customized with various designs and colors.

Rubber mulch

Rubber mulch is one of the best surfaces to use for playgrounds. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t create waste, nor does it contain a chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treatment. Rubber mulch can also be used to accent landscaping or line walkways. Because it’s porous, it allows for optimal drainage and doesn’t lose its color or form over time. It’s also great for equine activities.

Safety tiles

Safety tiles are 2x2 tiles made completely out of recycled rubber. They’re designed to minimize the shock of a fall and reduce the risk of injury. Safety tiles are most commonly used on playgrounds and are perfect for community gym centers. They can also be customized to include any specific color or design.

Regardless of your rubber surfacing needs, Mark Tool has you covered. Our MTC Rubber Surfacing Division provides rubberized mulch for a wide variety of industries and environments. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for almost 70 years now. Contact us today to request a quote!

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