January 21

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Your Subsea Thermal Insulation Solution for 2020

As we begin the new year, there’s no time like the present to start researching subsea thermal insulation for your pipelines. Without ThermoTRON®, the latest and greatest in subsea thermal insulation, your pipes won’t be able to withstand the same heat and depth of the ocean that your competitors are, and your structures will be put at risk for breakage and corrosion.

Insulating Your Pipes at New Depths

ThermoTRON 350®, our state-of-the-art protective coating, allows your hull piping, subsea jumpers, and more to sustain an internal operating temperature of up to 350°F in even the deepest and warmest Gulf waters.

ThermoTRON XT® is intended for tiebacks, subsea flow lines, and any parts that will need an internal operating temperature of over 350°F. Both forms of this coating have been thoroughly tested for years, and all tests have shown that ThermoTRON® has a life expectancy of over thirty years (at its intended temperature).


ThermoTRON® offers far more benefits than just thermal insulation. This special coating is also ideal for splash zone protection of hull piping and risers, corrosion protection, and impact resistance. ThermoTRON® is resistant to cathodic disbondment, chemical attacks, marine life corrosion, intense weather, fungi, and more to diminish any threat of potential damage to your structures.

How it Works

ThermoTRON® is made up of three specially crafted layers that together form a cohesive coating with extreme protective and insulative properties. It can be installed using three methods: Reel-Lay, S-Lay, and Jay-Lay; and even with its thickness, it will not crack, bend, or disbond as your pipe curves.

ThermoTRON®'s three layers include an initial corrosion-protective coating that will protect against cathodic disbondment and chemical attacks, a middle bonding agent layer, and a final elastomeric insulation layer.

Start 2020 off the right way by making sure that your subsea structures are protected for years to come. For more information about ThermoTRON®, contact Mark Tool.

Established in 1954, we’ve been in this game for many years and are recognized worldwide by industry professionals. We’ve got everything you need from splash zone protection, thermal insulation, rubber coatings, towline protectors, forklift padding, custom cast polyurethane components, and more!

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