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SplashTRON® Vulcanized Riser Clamps

SplashTRON® Vulcanized Riser Clamps
Mark Tool & Rubber has been vulcanizing riser clamps for the oil & gas industry with SplashTRON® for over 40 years. Vulcanization refers to a specific curing process of a rubber product involving high heat and the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives. It is a chemical process in which polymer molecules are linked to other polymer molecules by atomic bridges composed of sulfur atoms or carbon to carbon bonds.

The end result is that the springy rubber molecules become cross-linked to a greater or lesser extent. This makes the bulk material harder, much more durable and also more resistant to chemical attack. Mark Tool & Rubber also can fabricate riser clamps to customer specification or drawings.

Pipe riser clamp

10″ riser clamp vulcanized with 1/2″ thk SplashTRON coming out of autoclave after vulcanization process.

Riser clamp

1/2″ thick SplashTRON® vulcanized to the ID of a 10″ riser clamp

Vulcanized riser clamp

20″ ID SplashTRON® vulcanized ribbed riser clamps

Ribbed Riser Clamps

20″ ID SplashTRON® vulcanized ribbed riser clamps

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