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SplashTRON® Half-Shell System

SplashTRON® Half-Shell System
SplashTRON® Half-Shells are molded out of vulcanized elastomer, sized to fit specific pipe O.D.s, normally in thickness of 3/4″ and 1” and a length of 3 feet. They are installed in the field, over FBE coated pipe where mechanical protection is required and where long, continuous SplashTRON® coverage is required. They are adhered to the pipe with Splash Cote 2216. Splash Cote 2216 is a two-part compound that, when mixed, forms a gray, highly flexible epoxy adhesive, with high shear and peel strengths.

SplashTRON® Half-Shells are suitable for piping systems, when SplashTRON® can-not be vulcanized in one of our plants. The applications would include but not be limited to:

  1. Offshore riser pipe in the splash-zone
  2. Pipeline railroad crossings
  3. Pipeline touchdown area
  4. Pipeline road crossings
Half-Shells with Splash Cote
Splash cote on pipe
Splahtron sleeves
Splashtron sleeve on pipe
Splashtron sleeves installation
FBE-coated pipe
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