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SplashTRON® Laboratory Tests

SplashTRON® Laboratory Tests
Laboratory Tests

Initially, a series of carefully controlled laboratory tests were conducted to show the bond strength of rubber to metal, the electrical insulating ability of SplashTRON®, and long-term performance under temperature tests. Test results were:

  • The bond test showed a shear bond strength between alloy and rubber of 389.63 psi, well above the estimated 15 psi exerted by normal driving forces.
  • Electrical resistance of the SplashTRON® material was measured at 125 milli on ohms (125 mega ohms).
  • After 96 cycles to 80°C (176°F), and cooling to 30°C (86°F) in artificial seawater, a sample of the alloy/rubber, bonded to steel, showed no signs of separation, and no change in the SplashTRON® or the copper-nickle.
Bio-Shield bond test

Above: Shows the basic design of how BIOSHIELD is made and A bond test sample used to test the strength and durability of BIOSHIELD

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