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SplashTRON® Field Tests

SplashTRON® Field Tests
How Well does SplashTRON® work?
A 24″ OD conductor was coated with SplashTRON® and copper-nickel, and installed offshore. No special handling was necessary.
The pipe was driven with a D-36 hammer capable of exerting 83,000 ft/lbs of force. The test pipe was subjected to 240 blows per foot at final depth.
There was no slippage of the alloy/rubber sheath, and no sign of movement or bond tearing.
A test piece of 6 5/8″ OD pipe was installed on a platform off California in early 1978, just below the waterline where marine growth is heaviest. On the test piece, a band of copper-nickel was centered on a layer of SplashTRON®. The test piece was inspected by divers after 237 days and no marine growth was found on the copper-nickel, while 3-4″ built up on adjacent surfaces.
The test pipe has been inspected several times in the years since and there is still no buildup on the copper-nickel.
Bio-Shield test pipe
Pipe with cladding

While barnacles and other marine growth will build up on SplashTRON®, it will not adversely affect it because there is nothing in SplashTRON® that sea life can feed on. Where marine growth is a problem, such as off the California coast, BIO-SHIELD, a patented product which is composed of a layer of SplashTRON® with a cladding of 90-10 copper-nickel bonded permanently to the outside, just might be the answer!

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