November 25

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SplashTRON® is Ideal for Urethane Pipeline Coatings

Typical applications of SplashTRON® include urethane pipeline coatings, platform structural members (legs and diagonals), and conventional risers. Mark Tool has coated offshore platforms with SplashTRON® for two decades. The tough, long-lasting elastomer is applied to structural members exposed to the splash zone during fabrication. It provides complete protection against the erosive action of 

abrasive-laden seawater, the harsh attack of ozone and ultraviolet rays, incidental impact from boats and floating debris and the effect of sea life which builds upon all offshore installations.

A very important feature of SplashTRON® in pipeline coating application is the fact that it is completely and permanently bonded to the metal surface, and because it is flexible, it won’t crack or disbond as the members bend, expand, and contract. SplashTRON® can be expected to protect against corrosion for the life of the platform.

More info on urethane pipeline coatings and the Splash Zone.

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