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Custom Molded Products

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Custom Molded Products 
Mark Tool  produces custom molded rubber products used in a broad range of industry applications including farm equipment, oil and gas industry, valves, electrical distribution, railroad, heavy truck, and a variety of other applications.

Given your design, Mark Tool can offer to manufacture your custom molded rubber product by fabricating a mold. After analyzing your product, its dimensions, material, and anticipated volumes, we can then compression mold, injection mold or extrude your parts out of a wide range of rubber products. Mark Tool takes pride in the fact that we have the capability of meeting the needs of companies of all sizes and markets. Our customer list includes small business operations to the major oil and gas companies.

Our range of high quality rubber parts and components includes rollers, tension pads and a wide variety of custom rubber products. We have the capabilities and resources to take our customers’ designs and create precise molds that are then utilized to create high quality parts through compression molding, injection molding or extruding. Regardless of what type of rubber components you require, chances are that Mark Tool & Rubber Company can meet your unique needs.

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