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Rubber Rollers or Custom Cast Polyurethane? Industrial Roller Review

Polyurethane Rollers

There are many types of industrial rollers out there, but finding the industrial roller that’s right for your business can be a challenge. Custom cast polyurethane rollers or custom molded rubber rollers? Read on to discover the industrial roller that fit your industry requirements.

Polyurethane Rollers
Cast polyurethane rollers are made from the highest quality polymers available. Specific tooling allows us to make hundreds of shapes and sizes of urethane rollers. For example, with very little setup, companies can manufacture hourglass shaped rollers or V-shaped rollers, conveyor belt rollers, pipe conveyor rollers, sheave rollers, paper mill rollers and many more. These polyurethane rollers can be made of differing thicknesses, sizes, colors and hardness from Shore 10A to 80D materials. Also see our complete collection of polyurethane products.

Advantages of Custom Cast Polyurethane
Polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in countless applications worldwide. Urethane products deliver lots of advantages over other elastomers and plastics – it is stronger, tougher, more durable, and more versatile.

Polyurethane’s mechanical properties can be adjusted thru chemistry, which creates a number of unique opportunities to solve problems with performance characteristics unequaled in any other material. It’s a better value than parts made with other materials, because they often crack, break, tear, swell, abrade, and deteriorate. As a result, they can damage and slow down your business operation.

Conveyor Rollers
You want to make sure your conveyor rollers or made from the highest quality polymers available, and the manufacturer can make hundreds of shapes and sizes of conveyor rollers. They can be made of many different thicknesses, sizes, colors and hardness from shore 10A to 80D.

Pipeline Rollers
Pipeline Rollers are used with various oilfield and marine applications, but has grown to meet the needs of virtually every industry. Manufactures can produce just about any size and type of Pipeline Roller. Rollers can be produced out of a variety of rubbers or urethanes based on specific customer needs; Few companies have the experience and capability to manufacture both polyurethane and rubber Pipeline Rollers at the same facility.

Roller Reconditioning
Mark Tool strives to keep an excellent product and a prompt delivery for all our customers. The next time you are thinking of discarding those old used worn out rollers and need to replace them with new ones, think again and give Mark Tool a call or email us and let us see if we can rebuild your old parts and save you some money by putting them in our burnoff oven to be cleaned and we will recoat them.

Mark Tool is a leading manufacturer of custom molded rubber products, including rubber rollers, tension pads and other custom molded rubber products. Our core focus began with various oilfield and marine applications but has grown to meet the needs of virtually every industry from manufacturing to food goods processing.

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