September 13

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How Recoating Your Worn Out Polyurethane Rollers Can Save You Money

Reducing costs is an important part of running any effective business, so long as it’s not at the expense of quality. 

In an uncertain economy, the smallest decrease in expenses can have a major impact on your business profits.   

You might be surprised to know that reusing your old rollers is one of the best ways to reduce your costs without sacrificing quality.

Polyurethane rollers are expensive, and every time you need to replace them, it can cost your business a fortune--especially if your rollers are custom-made.  

So don’t toss out those old parts just yet! Learn how you can save money by recoating urethane rollers.

How the recoating process works

At Mark Tool & Rubber, we begin the recoating process by putting your old rollers in our burn-off oven. This step removes the old material without damaging the core. 

Once the polyurethane is burned off, we sandblast the rollers to expose the fresh metal. Then, the core is inspected for cracks or damage. 

As long as the coating is not worn too low, the core should be free of dents, corrosion, and other types of damage and ready for recoating.  

Without the need to order raw material, your lead time will be drastically reduced.

Saving you money and improving quality

A huge benefit of recoating urethane rollers is reducing costs. Most equipment and parts are made out of the country by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This slows down the delivery time and drives up the cost of shipping. 

Because Mark Tool is a local company, you will save money on shipping costs and decrease your wait time by recoating your current rollers.

We consult with you to match your existing rollers or discuss how you can alter the durometer or hardness to exceed your performance goals, increasing your quality.  

What to do if the roller core is damaged

In some cases, rollers are completely worn out or warped. Mark Tool manufactures countless parts and products and can develop a polymer for any worn-out urethane application, using our high-performance resins.  

We can cast parts as small as a few ounces or up to several hundred pounds with a hardness range from Shore 10A to Shore 80D. Our equipment and technology allow us to create any size, shape, or color tool you need.

We are the industry leader in recoating services for a reason and can maximize the use of your old rollers while saving your company money. Contact us today to request a quote!

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