February 17

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5 Types of Protection Offered by ThermoTRON®

ThermoTRON® is a high-temperature wet insulation sys that also offers various types of subsea and splash zone protection. While its main purpose is thermal insulation, the endless protective properties that it also offers are not to be overlooked. In this article, we will dive into the most important modes of protection offered by ThermoTRON®.

1. Riser clamp protection

Using ThermoTRON® to protect your riser clamps will add to their durability and chemical resistance. The resistance and durability properties of this special coating come about during the vulcanization curing process, where ThermoTRON® is exposed to chemical additives like sulfur and high heat.

2. VIV protection

Strong currents can really pose a threat to your tension leg platforms--especially as oil and gas operations move deeper into the Gulf. Thankfully, by attaching extruded helical ThermoTRON® straights to the outside of your drilling riser, you no longer need to worry about vortex-induced vibrations causing damage to your structure.

3. Protecting structural members from the splash zone

With the ebb and flow of the tide constantly exposing the metal surfaces of your risers and legs to a never-ending cycle of wetting and drying (aka the splash zone), your structural members are at a high risk of not only corrosion, but impact from boats and debris as well. 

ThermoTRON® can help with this problem by bonding to the metal surface that’s exposed to the splash zone and offering resistance to impact damage, weather, fungus, oils, marine life, and more. 

4. Biofuel protection

With any offshore platform, marine growth like mussels and algae pose major threats. They can grow up to three feet in thickness and weigh up to 150 pounds per cubic foot! However, after years of testing in the Gulf, ThermoTRON® has been carefully crafted to protect your offshore structures from marine life attaching to it. 

5. J-tube protection

ThermoTRON®’s incredible insulative properties and ability to be applied to bent pipes without cracking, disbonding, or bending make it ideal for protecting j-tubes. It can also be applied to subsea flow-lines and pipe exteriors as well as their individual parts.

ThermoTRON®’s uses do not stop here. The manufacturers at Mark Tool have over 50 years of experience in the field, and are ready and willing to help you with any questions that you may have. For more resources regarding ThermoTRON® and its endless capabilities, check out our blog or contact us today to request a quote!

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