December 11

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Protect Your Xmas Trees This Season With ThermoTRON®

In the oil and gas industry, you know that xmas trees are crucial to the flow of pipes. While we’re not referring to nature’s holiday staple that’s likely sitting in your house glistening with lights and ornaments at this very moment, we figured that now is the perfect time to discuss protecting your subsea tree.

Being that xmas trees are so intricate, consisting of an array of various spools, valves, fittings, and other parts; it’s vital that each and every component is well-protected in order to keep the rest of pipe safe. However, as our industry ventures out deeper into the gulf, the risk of damage to your parts increases and the availability of effective protective coatings decreases. 

xmas tree insulation
pipe insulation

Thankfully, there is a solution that can protect your xmas trees and other parts from corrosion, marine life, cathodic disbondment, weather, chemical attacks, and more--it’s called ThermoTRON®. The name comes from one of its most impressive features: thermal insulation. Not only is this protective coating resistant to nearly everything, but its insulative properties are unmatched because it’s rated for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

ThermoTRON® is also impact-resistant and can be applied to more than just Christmas trees. It can also be used on plets, plems, jumpers, entire pipe exteriors, subsea flow lines, and limitless other subsea components. 

ThermoTRON® is applied to a steel-grit blasted pipe, then its three layers are vulcanized to the pipe’s surface. The first layer of this coating is corrosion-resistant, the middle is a bonding agent, and the final layer is a high density, high-temperature elastomeric layer. Together, the three layers can be applied in varying thicknesses depending upon your unique needs.

One of the biggest bonuses of ThermoTRON® is that it does not disbond, bend, or crack. Because it is made up of robust, flexible, elastomeric compounds, it’s been tested and proven to extend the life of your subsea components for over thirty years.

Start the new year off right by protecting your subsea components for years to come. At Mark Tool, our products are built with over 60 years of experience by some of the top trusted industry professionals. Contact us today for more information on ThermoTRON® and its protective features!

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