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Meet MTE Engineered Materials

Mark Tool and Elite Elastomers proudly announce a joint venture focused on the research, development, and end-use application for complete elastomeric subsea high temperature thermal insulation systems. These systems are all capable of being installed via either reel-lay J-Lay or S-Lay methods.

The newly formed company has been named MTE Engineered Materials. The company name represents the combined strengths of both Mark Tool and Elite Elastomers.

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About the Product

The MTE team proudly offers ThermoTRON 350 technology solutions for your subsea insulation needs. Subsea thermal insulation systems are one of the most important components on a subsea flowline because they give you a thermal barrier between flowlines and seawater, preventing hydrate plugs and wax build-up from forming in the flowline. This build-up occurs when the temperature of the oil or gas mixture begins to cool, forming hydrates making it impossible for the oil to flow.

This product consists of three layers, a corrosion resistant layer, a bonding agent layer, and a high temperature high density elastomer layer. The system is seawater, impact and creep-resistant. It will also provide excellent resistance to weathering, fungus and marine life.
ThermoTRON 350 Systems come with 75 years of experience built into its technology. The system was designed to perform in extreme, harsh environments. It is robust and flexible and will extend protection for the lifespan of subsea installations. The three-layer coating system provides corrosion protection and excellent thermal insulation properties.

The Strength of Partnership

MTE Engineered Materials brings together the expertise of both companies, building on Elite Elastomers’ elastomeric material research and development innovations and Mark Tool’s application and manufacturing technology.

Both companies, working together, are positioned to become the industry leader in high-temperature subsea thermal insulation systems. MTE offers complete turn-key solutions for operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The MTE product is unique to the market in that it is the only insulating material capable of operating at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and of being deployed using the J-Lay, S-Lay, and Reel-Lay methods,” said Steve Glidewell, President of Elite Elastomers and owner of MTE.

“We are excited to partner with Elite Elastomers to develop a new complete elastomeric solution system for the subsea thermal insulation market.,” said Jerome Hebert, Mark Tool and MTE owner. “We look forward to combining our capabilities and technologies to deliver innovation in the end-use application. We are excited about the state-of-the-art production capabilities this new chapter will bring as it will allow us to accommodate our customers with an insulation system from the splash zone to the sea floor.”

MTE employees will come from current Mark Tool and Elite Elastomers teams and will be located in facilities in Louisiana and Mississippi.

mte engineered materials

About Mark Tool & Rubber

Mark Tool was founded in 1954 with a current product line consisting of SplashTRON®, Bio-Shield®, and ThermoTRON 350®. Many of these products have been utilized by many of the major oil and gas companies for more than 60 years. Mark Tool’s focus is on the development and application of insulation for splash zone protection of platform structural members, risers, J-tubes, and conductors.

Mark Tool’s applications include popular oil and gas needs such as industrial anticorrosive coated products, molded rubber, and cast urethane. Mark Tool operates an in-house machine shop which specializes in elastomeric roller machining and grounding, mold and die fabricating, and the manufacturing of parts for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

The Mark Tool facility is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment available to supply elastomeric application needs. Mark Tool is located in Franklin, Louisiana.

About Elite Elastomers

Elite Elastomers, headquartered in Ripley, Mississippi, was founded in 2001 as an applicative compounder expertly skilled in material engineering and the unique chemistry of elastomers. Elite Elastomers is an applications-driven supplier that specializes in high-performance non-metallic materials solutions.

Elite Elastomers offers the most robust elastomeric solutions for the oil and gas market. By using new technologies, new materials, and new methods, Elite is prepared for future application demands. As a Technical Product Partner, Elite uses its extensive culture of understanding applications, material design, prototype, and research and development to produce a winning material. Elite Elastomers services the elastomeric market via practices in seamless integration and collaborative alliances.

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