March 21

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MontiPower MBX Bristle Blaster For Sale

Bristle blasting is becoming more popular, and for good reason. The cutting-edge method involves the use of a specially engineered rotary bristle tool for removing corrosion and generating precise anchor profiles. The result are remarkable, producing a clean surface comparable to the results achieved from traditional blasting methods.

All bristle blasters on the market are not the same, though, and in order to get optimal results, a quality blasting system is needed. The MontiPower MBX bristle blaster is a high-performance bristle blasting system that will make light work of surface prep. It can also be the most cost-effective way to go for many different types of operations. Many will find the easily replaceable belt and affordable replacement parts a welcome departure from the heavy expenses associated with abrasive blasting systems.

Common Uses

The MBX bristle blaster can be used to remove mill scale, corrosion, and all types of unwanted coatings. It is also useful in post-weld cleanup operations. The blaster tends to be particularly useful in onshore/offshore well drilling operations, bridge refurbishment, marine fabrication, and industrial maintenance. It is most commonly used for spot-cleaning smaller areas and objects but is entirely capable of taking on larger projects. A hand blaster enables someone to work in tight quarters, on hard-to-access portions of a larger surface, and other areas where traditional grit blasting is not practical or possible. The specialized bristles and powerful rotary action provide a whole new way to conduct surface preparation operations, eliminating many of the messes and potential safety hazards that come with grit blasting.

Major Benefits of Bristle Blasting

For industrial steel surface preparation, bristle blasting is a game-changer. It is now possible to achieve a result equivalent to traditional abrasive blasting with a power hand tool.

Testing conducted at Marquette University showed that bristle blasting can perform with the efficacy of a traditional grit blaster, and can even strengthen a steel surface against cracks, fatigue, and stress corrosion. A good bristle blaster offers a whole new level of precision, allowing you to remove corrosion, coatings, and contaminants without taking any healthy material off. It can restore even heavily pitted or corroded surfaces to absolute smoothness, even to the point that no additional sanding or buffing is required.

Why Choose the MontiPower MBX?

The MontiPower MBX bristle blasting system is versatile, durable, and precise. It can run off of either electric power or compressed air. Its bristles are dynamically tuned to achieve perfect contact and immediate retraction from the work surface. The MBX system creates kinetic energy equivalent to that of grit blast media so that treated surfaces become clean to the touch and and visually smooth. It is also simple, and eliminates the need for complicated equipment and extensive environmental and safety procedures since it does not require the use of volatile or toxic substances. With the MBX system, you can remove corrosion and generate an anchor profile in a single step. The MontiPower MBX blaster is air-cooled with a specialized exhaust system and noise reduction technology.

Find the unparalleled MontiPower MBX bristle blaster for sale at Mark Tool. Select from electric or pneumatic, depending on your preferred power source. Kits can be ordered online, and discounts are available for bulk orders.

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