January 4

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MARK Coatings: Corrosion Protection Done Right

If corrosion is a super-villain in your eyes, Mark Tool & Rubber has a solution tailored to your needs. We like to think of your hardware as Lois Lane, because, like Superman, we can save it in any situation.

Mark Tool understands that every business comes with unique challenges. So there are coatings—beyond our custom molded rubber—to provide corrosion protection for your specific demands.

With more than 50 years in the anti-corrosion business, we have tailored our products to fit almost every use, with lots of attention paid to innovation within the industry. We have consistently devoted time and resources to research and development.

For standard corrosion protection, we have created a two-part industrial coating system that is second to none, protecting your product and making maintenance easier than ever.

Urethane and Epoxy System

The urethane and epoxy system gives outstanding protection to any metal against water and chemical degradation, whether you’re looking to protect larger products like plant gear or smaller component parts like pipe spacers and pipeline rollers.

The first coating is the MarkGuard, an epoxy primer. It augments adhesion, smooths irregularities found on the metal, and provides the bulk of the corrosion protection.

Next is our UreGuard, a UV-resistant urethane coating, completes the corrosion barrier.

It’s a coating that is second to none and greatly lengthens the lifespan of your hardware, saving you money, hassle, and a many problems that can crop up when corrosion claims the life of your hardware.

But we understand that not every project is created the same. The materials change, the corrosive factors differ, and more -- that’s why there are tailor-made coatings specific to your challenges.

For instance, our architectural building coatings are geared toward protected exteriors against the elements in any climate, engineered with a focus on protecting the longevity and appearance of the materials.

In this same field, we have a more breathable elastomeric coating, which creates acts as a skin to protect buildings from debris while keeping them looking their best.

How we Operate

Mark Tool understand the variety of water corrosion that can take place from submerged usage to hard "splash zone” locations. These coatings tolerate dampness and dry quickly, serving as an unbeatable rust inhibitor. It’s perfect for the harsh, diverse locations near water where it can be difficult to protect hardware from corrosion.

We takes corrosion seriously, that’s why we have so many solutions, right up to our innovative MarkClean coating. It’s a self-cleaning coating that reacts to UV light, releasing hydrogen peroxide to maintain a clean surface -- this is important with items like gasoline storage tanks, where dirt and debris can raise the internal temperature of the tank, creating product loss.

The MarkClean coating minimizes degradation through a clean surface, UV-resistance, an ability to kill biologicals, and it is highly mildew-resistant.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have water-based coatings, coatings tailored to military usage, floor coatings, roof coatings and much more. If it corrodes, we protect it. That’s why Mark Tool is corrosion protection done right.

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