August 28

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Machining: The Mark Tool Difference

Mark Tool & Rubber has grown from a cutting tool service company to a provider of various products, like rubber coating and splash zone protection. As a family business, our desire for growth continued with the opening of our in-house machine shop in 2008. While all Mark Tool & Rubber divisions provide the best quality and service, Mark Machining is particularly equipped to design and manufacture the parts needed for your business. Below we will discuss our specialties so you can see what the Mark Tool Difference is all about.

Elastomeric Roller Machining and Grinding

Polyurethane Pipeline Rollers: We’re committed to providing the best rollers on the market, which is why we only work with the highest quality polymers. With our ability to create hundreds of rolls with varying shapes and sizes, you can be sure we can create the rolls you need.

Rubber Pipeline Rollers: With our 40 years of experience in the industry, we are one of the few companies that can manufacture both rubber and polyurethane rollers. We can create rollers from a range of urethanes and rubbers. Our rubber rollers are used in a variety of industries such as agriculture and aviation. We can also keep your rollers in stock for future need.

Polyurethane Pipeline Spacers: Since pipeline spacers support pipes that intersect with sites like roads and waterways, their material is crucial. While there are options made up of stainless and carbon steel, Mark Tool specializes in polyurethane. These spacers are more resistant to wear, and can be used for underwater and underground applications.

Roller Reconditioning: If you’re concerned your current rolls are old and need replacing, reach out to us. We can check to see if your rolls just need some refurbishing. Our reconditioning services include burn-off oven cleaning and recoating.

CNC Plasma Cutting

It’s common today for both big and small shops to have Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines at their disposal. If you’re unfamiliar with CNC systems, they essentially automate machining steps and processes through the aid of computer systems. While some businesses sync their CNC systems to work with oxy-fuel or water jet-cutting machines, Mark Tool specializes in plasma cutting.

What separates the plasma cutting process from others? Plasma is seen as a more efficient solution. Furthermore, the resulting precision from plasma is superior to oxy-fuel or water jet. At Mark Machining, we understand these advantages, and now use plasma cutting to ensure the best results for our customers.

So Much More

Our manufacturing floor is over 40,000 square feet and equipped with best tools and machinery available. As a result, Mark Machining is capable of providing customers with a level of customization unlike any other company. We create parts for the gas and oil industries, create molds and dies, and can even consult with you and your design team to create one-of-a-kind solutions.

Our services don’t end after your parts are manufactured. We make sure everything is shipped and delivered on schedule—we are also very accommodating when it comes to expedited timelines.

Bringing it All Together

The Mark Tool difference is all about creating specific, customized parts of the highest level of quality possible. From roll making to mold and die fabrication, Mark Machining has the equipment and experience you expect from a top manufacturer. After all, there’s a reason why our parts are used worldwide.

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