June 20

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How to Protect the Splash Zone

In the offshore industry, learning to protect the splash zone is a very important part of offshore safety. The reason this zone can be problematic to this industry is because as the tide rises and falls, it continuously wets and dries the exposed metal surfaces (i.e., platform risers and legs) of the platform. Exposure to oxygen as well as the harsh salt water tends to corrode these structures, and after years, may cause them to collapse.

While the submerged metal zone is typically able to be protected using cathodic methods, and the area exposed to the atmosphere can be protected with zinc coatings and paints, the splash zone cannot be protected these ways.

Because the water level in the splash zone is inconsistent, it must be protected using specially-made products and strategies.

To successfully protect the splash zone, the following demands must be met:

  • High flexibility of the product in question, so that it will not crack as the pipe twists and bends
  • The product should have a lifetime guarantee that it will essentially last for the installation’s entire lifetime
  • Decent thermal insulation in the case of flow lines
  • Metal needs to be separated and isolated from the environment. This can be done using materials with specific properties, like those of polyurethane or rubber
  • The product should be resistant to bio-fouling and able to protect the metal from scale attack, sea life, and fungus
  • The coating must be highly electrical and impact-resistant in order to combat electrical current and electrolytic corrosion, as well as shield the structure from floating debris and boat impact

Thankfully, SplashTRON® meets all of the above needs and then some. It can be applied to conventional risers, offshore platform diagonals and legs, conductors, riser clamp linings, and pipelines that are pulled through J-tubes. SplashTRON® requires no maintenance and completely protects against corrosive saltwater, boat impacts, the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays and the ozone, as well as sea life and floating debris.

This special coating is permanently and completely bonded to the metal surface, and will not disbond or crack as the metal bends. Because SplashTRON® is the ultimate product for splash zone protection and has been protecting structures for over 20 years now, MARK Tool is the leader in splash zone protection. Never settle when it comes to protecting your offshore structures. Request a SplashTRON® quote today!

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