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Frequently Asked Questions About ThermoTRON®

When most people hear the term “ThermoTRON®,” they typically assume it has something to do with heat or insulation--maybe even a robot off of Transformers.

With a name like this, we usually receive a lot of questions about what exactly ThermoTRON® is and what it can be used for. We’ve decided to answer all of these questions in one place for your convenience. Continue reading as we answer all of your ThermoTRON® FAQs.

1. What is ThermoTRON®?

ThermoTRON® is a breakthrough in subsea thermal insulation. This revolutionary coating is built to protect your pipeline and its parts, as well as help them maintain an internal operating temperature of up to 350°F. Click here for a more thorough description of ThermoTRON®.

2. How is ThermoTRON® applied?

First, the pipe is steel-grit blasted, then the ThermoTRON® coating is vulcanized to the steel pipe surface. This coating consists of three layers: the first layer is a corrosion-resistant coating, the second is a bonding agent, and the third is a high-temperature and high-density elastomeric layer of extruded ThermoTRON 350®. It can be installed via S-Lay, J-Lay, and Reel-Lay.

At the field joint, ThermoTRON® is pre-manufactured in half shells that are sized to fit the pipe diameter, then cut back and bonded to the weld joint inside of the half shells and outside of the pipe. After that, banding is used to stabilize the sleeves during the curing process, and plastic wrap is stretched around the pipe to contain the adhesive.

3. How thick can ThermoTRON® be applied?

For ideal thermal insulation, ThermoTRON® is typically applied in one to three-inch thicknesses. However, we offer varying thicknesses depending on your service conditions.

4. What can ThermoTRON® be used for?

ThermoTRON® has many uses, including thermal insulation, corrosion protection, impact resistance, and more. Click here for an in-depth article describing all of ThermoTRON®’s potential uses.

5. Can ThermoTRON® be applied to bent pipe?

Yes, ThermoTRON® can be applied to bent pipe and will not crack, bend, or disbond. It can also be applied to pipe exteriors, subsea flow-lines, and their individual parts (i.e., plems, ILS, plets, xmas trees, jumpers, and more).

6. What is ThermoTRON® made out of?

ThermoTRON® is made out of flexible, robust, high-temperature elastomeric compounds that are specially designed to prolong the lifespan of your subsea components for over thirty years. Click here to learn more about all of the tests that this product has been subjected to (and passed).

At Mark Tool, our industry professionals are always ready and willing to help you with your pipeline coating needs. If you have any further questions about ThermoTRON® or would like to request a quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to us

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