November 22

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What’s the Difference Between ThermoTRON® and SplashTRON®?

You’ve heard of our revolutionary splash zone-protective coating “SplashTRON®.” But are you familiar with its thermal-insulation counterpart called “ThermoTRON®”? Continue reading as we break down the differences between these two products, their uses, benefits, and more.


SplashTRON® is a flexible yet tough, high-density elastomer coating used for splash zone protection. What makes this coating so revolutionary is its corrosion-resistance and ability to extend the lifespan of offshore structures and permanently prevent marine biofouling.

How it’s applied

SplashTRON® is completely, permanently, and evenly bonded to the metal surface that will be exposed to the splash zone in varying thicknesses of 1”, ¾”, ½”, and ¼”. Because of its flexibility, it doesn’t disbond or crack as the members contract, expand, or bend.


SplashTRON® can be applied to endless structures, including pipelines and offshore platforms. We proudly offer SplashTRON® for pipeline coating, riser clamps, pipeline O.Ds, j-tubes, TLP risers, platform structural members (diagonals and legs), conductors, conventional risers, and more.


Not only does SplashTRON® provide excellent splash zone protection, but this coating is also resistant to fungus, weathering, most oils, marine life, and impact damage. No routine maintenance is required for SplashTRON®, and it also offers incredible insulating properties. 


ThermoTRON 350®

ThermoTRON 350® is a proprietary rubber insulation system that is designed to meet the subsea thermal insulation project requirements. It is a high-temperature wet insulation system that has been designed for splash zone protection of hull piping, risers, and subsea jumpers, PLEMs, PLETs, ILSs and with an internal operating temperature up to 350°F.

ThermoTRON XT®

ThermoTRON XT® offers the same properties as ThermoTRON 350®, but it is intended for tiebacks and subsea flow lines that have an internal operating temperature of over 350°F.

How it’s applied

ThermoTRON® can be installed using three methods: s-lay, reel-lay, and j-lay. It consists of three layers, including a corrosion-resistant layer, a bonding agent layer, and a high-density high-temperature elastomer layer.


ThermoTRON 350® is ideal for insulating flow lines, tiebacks, spool, hull piping, and production risers. Along with custom coating of individual parts such as plems, plets, jumpers, xmas trees, and more, ThermoTRON® can also be applied to whole pipelines.

The need for high-temperature insulation systems has become increasingly more popular as the oil industry drills further into the Gulf in hotter, deeper water that standard insulation can no longer tolerate. ThermoTRON® can withstand any depth of the ocean, making it the ideal solution for deeper drilling.


ThermoTRON® is ideal for thermal insulation, impact-resistance, collision damage protection, and corrosion protection. It is specially designed to thrive in extreme environments and has passed endless tests over the past two years.

Whether you’re looking for splash zone protection or thermal insulation, Mark Tool has you covered. Our products have been trusted and tested for several years by some of the biggest players in the oil and gas industry. Contact us today to see for yourself why we’ve been an industry leader for so long. 

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